Elixinol 450mg CBD capsules


Sometimes we just need a way to smooth out the proverbial bumps in the road. Consider this your means of finding balance, daily. With a perfect blend of full-spectrum hemp oil and MCT coconut oil, CBD Capsules are an easy way to feel better and keep your life running smoothly, daily.

Elixinol’s full-spectrum CBD capsules expertly blend hemp extract with MCT coconut oil to create the foundation for a clean, reliable CBD capsule. Encapsulated in vegan capsules, Elixinol’s CBD Capsules are an easy no-mess way to maintain balance every day. Simple ingredients, brought together to make something that is, well, kind of amazing.

Ingredients: Hemp extract, MCT Oil, Vegetarian Capsules, Silica.

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  • Non-GMO
  • Encapsulated Liquid for absorption
  • No synthetic chemicals, colors or fragrances
  • No isolated cannabinoids
  • No harsh solvents or toxic chemical used
  • Supercritical CO2-extracted full-spectrum hemp oil
  • Vegan Capsules
  • 15mg of CBD per Capsule


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