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  • Ambary Gardens
    Muscle Recovery

    You may have guessed that Muscle Recovery is formulated for…well, your muscles. Combining penetrating potential with the warming ability of essential oils; this product should be rubbed on, and worked in, to help relax strained, sore, and/or pulled muscles. If you’re experiencing inflammation or stressed muscles, this is the salve for you!

    Formerly known as the “Athletic Salve” is a deep penetrating, warming, and formulated to relieve larger muscle groups and smaller muscle groups. some people have described this product as “its like the sensation of warm bath water” this is our best selling topical. people are loving it and its just as effective as it is convenient. we guarantee!!!

    not rated $64.99
  • Ambary gardens
    skin repair 250mg 4oz

    Skin Repair was formulated with skin health in mind. Customers have purchased CBD enriched Skin Repair to help with everything from eczema, rosacea, shingles, broken skin, sunburns, rashes, abrasions, and even healing tattoos. If the problem is on your skin, this is the salve to reach for.


    not rated $64.99
  • Diamond bio tech 500mg 4oz

    This cream is perfect for any muscle and joint soreness. Whether you need to loosen your muscles up or speed up recovery after a workout this cream also works great for skin irritations as well. Cbd oil biotech is also Non-GMO made in the USA and sourced from industrial hemp.

    not rated $79.99